Edutechnovation Day

Today is the day. The most waited day for this semester. We will have to show our video to lecturers and they will accessed us and it will affect our marks for this course.

I was so frustrated since two of my group members were unable to be with me during the presentation. They already went back to their hometown for Christmas. Nothing can be said to them, just that i hope they enjoyed their holiday very much.

The day went smoothly and nothing can be said. Our group won 3rd place for our video and poster. I did not believe that my group was able to beat my classmates since their videos were awesome. Maybe that day was our day. Alhamdulillah, our effort was paid off. I enjoyed every single part of this course and I was so happy to be able to finish all work assigned to me. Untill we met again, bye.


Week 14 Reflection

Assalamualaikum everyone

This week is considered as the last week or our class. We will have to show our video with our poster as well. We already did some of the poster and we came out with two posters. We took credit in any comment that we receive from everyone regarding our poster.

If there are still comment for our poster, I gave meaning that I need to edit our poster according to the majority. I know it’s quite hard to satisfy everyone. But, we still will try our best to make everyone satisfy and “jealous” of our poster.

Week 13 Reflection

Hi everyone

It worth every single time today for a sleep. Last night, I was editing and touch up our video. Having doing it until 5 a.m. in the morning is something that unforgettable. Need to take good care of my sleep pattern or I will be in trouble after this.

As for the video, mostly my video had finished editing. I just need to take into credits on whatever comment that I received so that my video will be better for the next time.

Week 12 Reflection

This week will be the full week for recording. We took videos since for doing documentary, we need to have lots of videos. We also have some damaged videos in which can’t be used for our video production. This week, I spend lots of time with my group members and I will never forget about this week. We had such a good time together and it will me one of beautiful memory in my life.

Having to take lots of videos, we take turn of the role in which everyone has to be in a video.  This is something fun since no matter the videos are okay or not, we enjoyed every single moment of recording it.

Sometimes, fun is not sometimes that we can acquire by spending our money. Fun do come without having to spend even a single penny. Now, I realized that family and friends do come first before money.

Week 11 Reflection

The day has finally arrived. I went to class proudly since I have done editing the trailer for our video. When the class started, most of our classmates were quite shocked since Dr wanted us to show the full version of our video but most of us misheard about it including our group. We misheard that Dr Rosseni wanted to see part of the video in which to our understanding, she wanted to see the trailer and so on. Not the full version of the video.

This misunderstanding was unexpected since only one group of our class did what Dr Rosseni had told us to do and the others were doing trailer just the same like us. This misunderstanding is quite chaotic since we will have to do the compiling in a short period of time. It will be hard task to us since to compile, we need to look into many aspects of video making. However, we will try our best to do the first draft of our video.

This week will be one of the memorable week for me. Misheard on information is something unexpected since most of our classmates misheard it. This is something that we need to avoid next time. We should ask Dr first if we ever had something unclear about our task. We will ensure cases like this won’t occur again.

Week 10 Reflection

There is no class for today. For the first time, I wanted to just stay relax since I was under the weather at that time. I felt so weak and when I met the doctor, she told me to take good care of my body and have more rest since I overused my strength this week.

As for this week, I still did some editing to our group video in terms of compiling every single parts in the video. This week is quite a hectic day. Too many things need to take good care of in just a short time. Luckily, I got full support from my lovely group mates. Let’s do it together guys. We will do our best.

Week 8 Reflection

As for today, it was already week 8. Time is running out and we still have lots of work to be done regarding the video production. To many things need to be done in a short period of time. We did record some of the scene in our video including the introduction. This week, Dr also gave us details needed for video production in which about time limit for each video and everything else. 5 minutes video is not so long and not so short. Since my group choose to make a documentary rather than story, our difficulties are much greater than other classmates. We are going to deal with many types of personalities and variation of people. Henceforth, we are not so sure about the outcome of the video rather than other classmates. To our group, we should try doing something that never be done by other since that is the way for us to experience something new in our life.

We are not going to just enjoying doing something that is easy and it doesn’t challenge us at all. New things to be done means new challenge. We accept the challenge and we will met the expectation for our video. We present our idea in front of our classmates and Dr Rosseni. What are their reaction?

Alhamdulillah, our idea was accepted by Dr Rosseni, but, she insisted us to make our aim clearer for the next presentation. Next presentation? When?